It’s Just The Beginning.

I confess that I’ve attempted blogging before, with little result. This time, however, I feel like I have something new on my side: a purpose.

Recently, I’ve come to realize how unhealthy my life is. I’ve battled depression for a large portion of my life, and while medication has helped in the past, I don’t want to rely on artificial chemicals if I don’t have to.

A few months ago, my roommate decided to adopt a vegetarian diet in solidarity with her mother, who was forced to for health reasons. Since we share almost equally in all of our groceries, I was more or less dragged along kicking and screaming. But something amazing happened–I started to feel better.

I still tend to struggle with the feeling of being at loose ends, but I’m working towards making big changes in my life–deliberate, conscious changes. This blog will contain everything I learn along the way, with recipes, science, exercises, and maybe a little bit of art, fun, fashion, and technology. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading, and as always, your feedback, support, advice, and comments are welcome! Have a great day :)