Almond Milk, Cookies, and Birdwalks

I come about my ideas in the strangest ways, sometimes.

Two days ago, I was at work, browsing for a good Chai concentrate recipe (don’t freak out, I wasn’t neglecting anything in the process!). I found one on a beautiful website called The Chai recipe had a suggestion to mix the concentrate with Almond Milk, and linked to a recipe elsewhere on the website. I quickly scribbled it down, and then noted that it had another link to a cookie recipe that used the pulp leftover after straining the milk. So I wrote that down as well, and once my shift was over, I hopped on a bus to Whole Foods to pick up Medjool dates and almond flour for the cookies, plus sunflower seeds for my own favorite ramen-cabbage salad (the recipe for which I will post very soon–it’s delicious and quite healthy!). I spent a few hours walking around downtown before my roommate came and picked me up so we could go to Meijer (a chain store similar to Wal-Mart Super-center) for a few extra items.

You see, while sitting in a Starbucks downtown, I got back on Tasty-Yummies to make sure I had everything, and somehow I stumbled across a pickle recipe. Well, I had nothing that I needed for those, so I had to pick up all of the ingredients for the brine, plus cucumbers, and mason jars. I got home exhausted, but I had everything for my culinary escapades for the next few days, which involved making almond milk (an excellent addition to Kashi GoLean Crunch), almond cookies (which turned out no-horrible, but not amazing. I need to work on getting the texture right–vegan cookies aren’t as forgiving as regular ones with eggs and so forth), and pickles!

I haven’t tried the pickles yet. I’m so excited, though. I can’t wait to bite into one and see how it turned out!

The pickles I made

Four jars of my fresh pickles, cooling off on the balcony before I refrigerate them. I can eat them in five days! (I’ll post again when I do!)