Quick-And-Easy, Even If Not Truly Healthy

In my family, we have a traditional dinner, which is polish sausage, cottage cheese, sliced onions, and roasted/fried potatoes. I’m not sure we all agree on what it’s called, but despite the differences in nomenclature, we are all well aware of what it is and how to make it. Fortunately for me, it takes about ten minutes, and fills me up for the rest of the afternoon, while also filling the little hole in my heart that comes from being so far away from home all the time.

First, I split in half and, in a non-stick pan, heat up a two ounce portion of polish sausage (one serving–and much less that you’d eat of it around the table with everyone there!). Then, adding no more than a tablespoon of butter, I fry some diced potatoes (Sliced is traditional, but I’ve yet to successfully make sliced fried potatoes edible) in the grease that came off the sausage. While that’s going, I slice up half a small onion, drizzle with oil and vinegar, and pepper, and portion out a 1/2 c. serving of small-curd cottage cheese (No low-fat gunk for me, thanks. 4% milkfat minimum!).

Pile everything on the plate, and enjoy! (I’ll add a picture as soon as I have it again, which given how hungry this thought has made me, might be as soon as tonight!)


Avocado Cream Filled Donuts? I’m Intrigued…

I just found this admittedly curious idea: Chocolate doughnuts with Avocado Cream filling, from the Crazy for Crust blog. What? Avocado in a sweet dish? I feel like I saw something like this on Iron Chef once, but that must have been ages ago, and I might be imagining it. But really… I’m so curious, I want to give it a shot! I need a decent doughnut pan, though, if I’m going to do something like this.

I absolutely love avocados. When they’re on sale, I adore grabbing a whole bunch and making guacamole, but keeping it is hard. You’re not supposed to freeze it, I guess? I don’t know. But my dad used to sometimes just make guacamole for the family, and that was always a treat–everyone would stand around the kitchen island and just dig in with tortilla chips. My family is generally kind of individualistic, with my dad and brothers and myself spending a lot of time on the computer, while my mom hides out in her craft area, so when we’re all together, just talking and eating, I love it.

Still, ‘sweet’ avocado dishes? I am completely willing to give this a try, I’ll let you know when I do!